More than a community of  water professionals


FluksAqua is the world’s first online collaborative platform designed by and for water utility professionals. Our goal is to transform drinking water, water management and wastewater treatment through the sharing of knowledge and information.

It’s all about sharing:

  • Sharing know-how via our user “Forum” where the latest technologies, tips, and best practices are freely exchanged
  • Sharing data using the FluksAqua “Benchmark” tools, which aggregate and compare public water key performance parameters to make them understandable, accessible, and actionable
  • Sharing and applying industry best practices through applications (“apps”) and other paid subscription tools developed specifically by water operators to optimize asset performance, on a daily basis.

FluksAqua provides a safe and impartial haven for water professionals regardless of organizational or career profile. Privileges and obligations apply equally to all users. Total anonymity of contributions, and full data protection are the fundamental principles that govern our platform (see our Code of Conduct and General Conditions).


Content provided by Forum contributors and public data published on the Benchmark pages are free and accessible to all—and always will be.

As a complement to our discussion Forum and Benchmark tools, we offer a premium service. Forum members may subscribe to Applications (“apps”) developed by FluksAqua and partner organizations. They are accessible through a paid subscription, which is the company’s income source. Our apps use unique technology to provide users with tools to monitor operational efficiency on a daily basis capitalizing on the professional expertise of the entire community. Each app is designed to operate on any desktop or mobile device. User access and data are fully secure and always remain under direct client control.

Thousands of subscribers are already taking advantage of FluksAqua’s free and subscription based services to save money, improve wastewater treatment practices, meet regulatory requirements and ensure better asset performance.


Since FluksAqua has a common purpose of servicing all water and wastewater treatment professionals, we welcome partner organizations to join us to play an active role in our open platform . We only ask that partners respect impartiality, data confidentiality, and the equality of fellow subscribers. For FluksAqua partners, there are tangible benefits:

  • Technical partners: use the FluksAqua App platform to reach the FluksAqua community, benefit from its SaaS (Software as a Service) delivery while avoiding integration and deployment costs.
  • Financial partners: invest in a collaborative project with high growth potential.
  • Commercial partners: develop and build the FluksAqua community in your own country.

For more information on partnerships, contact us at