Terms of use of technical assistance services


The terms of use of technical assistance services apply to services users in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of FluksAqua, downloaded or available at https://www.fluksaqua.com/en/terms-and-conditions/

FluksAqua will use commercially reasonable efforts to accommodate the demands of users under the conditions defined below.




Support Ticket: : user request sent via the help desk at www.fluksaqua.com/a/support.

Ticket closed : a solution was found or the solution to the request is not the responsibility of the Technical Support.

Open Ticket : ticket being processed, which has not been resolved or closed.

Ticket under review : the user has received a response to its request, as a proposed solution or questions to clarify the nature or context of the request, with a manager assigned to the processing of the application.

Hours of service : Monday to Friday, excluding holidays, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm E.T.


Classification of support tickets


Ticket assistance is defined by the Customer at the time of its creation. It may be reclassified at the initiative of the Technical Assistance Service FluksAqua.


Response time on each Tickets

Nature of demand Definition Response time
Blocking incident No access to service 4 hours, if the request is made during Hours of service ; 12 hours otherwise
Major incident The service is accessible but with highly degraded conditions of use 1 business day
Minor incident The service is accessible but with discomfort in the use 2 business days
Question Request for assistance in the use of an application 2 business days

Closure of assistance Tickets


A ticket can be closed: 1) by the Client, 2) by a Technical assistance service representative if the customer did not respond within 5 business days to one of its request, or when the service has been rendered.




These technical assistance requirements are not applicable to applications and features available for free, especially during free test periods or until the service is paid by the Client.