Should you encounter any difficulties using the FluksAqua site or our user forum, please take a moment to consult our frequently asked questions. There is a good chance you will find the answer to your query among our FAQs. But if not, don’t hesitate to contact us at

About the User Profile

What is a public profile?

Every member of the FluksAqua Q & A forum has a public profile, which is accessible by clicking on their alias, or forum name. The public profile provides information about how active a member is (number of questions asked, comments made, votes cast, date of the last question asked, etc.) as well as the nature of their contributions (questions asked, comments left, etc.) Using this public profile, you can also send a private message to another FluksAqua member or award them bonus points.

General Q & A Guidelines

Can I register myself in the Q & A forum?

Right now, you may browse questions and answers. Registration is only required when a person asks a question or answers one, in order to link the content to its author. Registration is by invitation only, unless your professional domain is already registered. If you cannot register, please ask a current member to invite you (through the web site invitation menu) or send an email to

I am unable to connect; what do I do?

You have tried to connect but cannot. An error message is displayed. Please read the section below:

Make sure you are connected to the Internet.

Check that you are using the correct link:

Try to connect by using a different browser from the one you are currently using (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.).

If the connection still isn’t working, open a private browsing window and test the link again. If this works in private browsing, go back to public browsing, delete all cookies, and start over.

Private browsing in Chrome: Open a window, click the Chrome menu in the top-right corner of the browser window and select “New Incognito Window.”

How to clear cookies: please go to support page at

Warning: your browser must support cookies, and you must be able to connect to it. To activate cookies, refer to the online help section of your browser.

How do I perform a Q & A search?

FluksAqua lets you find questions in three different ways:

Using a free search function such as Google

Clicking on one of the tags used to classify the questions asked by forum members

Choosing one of the suggested filters, such as “most seen,” “most answered,” etc.

What is a “tag” and what’s it for?

Tags are used to describe the content of a submission that matches the specific question you wish to ask. For example, if the general topic is water treatment plants, you could add the tag “wastewater-treatment-plant.” Tags complement the traditional content search function by categorizing the discussion threads and pinpointing relevant conversations.

You can add several tags, separating them with a single space. For compound terms, use a hyphen; for example, “drinking-water” or “wastewater-treatment-plant.”

What is the user list?

In the Q & A forum, when you click on “Users”, you access FluksAqua’s membership list. Members are ranked in descending order according to number of points they have earned. Points are calculated by combining a member’s level of activity on the forum and the quality of their submissions.

How do I access the latest messages?

An RSS feed is activated in the FluksAqua Q & A forum, allowing you to automatically retrieve the most recently posted discussions. This can be done via your email address, browser or RSS aggregator.

Can I follow a question, and if so, how?

Yes, you can. Simply select the question that interests you and click on the star in the upper right hand corner of the gold heading bar. Next, click on your alias and on “My Favorites.” This will take you to your user profile and will add the question you wish to follow to all your favorite questions.

FluksAqua Q & A points

What are Fluks points and how do they work?

Every member of the forum is awarded points based on his/her level of activity in the FluksAqua Q & A forum. The more points a user has, the more he/she is considered an active member. Asking a question earns points; answering a question earns points, etc.

A member can also earn points from his/her fellow users via the FluksAqua voting system. Members have the opportunity to vote for an answer they find relevant or useful, or even choose what they consider to be the top answer. Visit the “Users” section to see which members are the most active and/or have the highest approval rating among members.

How do I find out how many Fluks points I have earned?

Click on your alias to determine the number of points you have received. Your profile page provides your total points achieved and ranks your score in relation to other Q & A members.

Reading and writing Q & A messages

How do I ask a question?

To ask a question, you need to be registered and connected to the site. Click on the “Ask a question” button located in the top-right corner of the Q & A forum home page. A new page will open up, in which you enter a one-sentence question. In the text box below, you provide additional information about your needs. Try to be as clear as possible and include as much context as necessary, so that other members can answer your question promptly and in detail.

Before asking a question, make sure it hasn’t already been covered in a previous discussion thread by performing a Q & A search.

How do I follow a discussion thread?

To follow a topic that interests you, click on its heading to go to the question itself and all the answers it has generated. You can also save the question in your favourites.[/collaps][collaps titre=”How to I answer a question or make a comment?”

To answer or comment, you need to be registered and connected to the site.

To leave a message in an ongoing discussion thread, click on the “Answer” button located below the initial message.

To comment on a message left by another member, click on the “Comment” button.

Can I modify my question?

Yes, you can modify your question. Click on the question and then on the crayon icon to make your changes.

What does a moderator do?

Several moderators actively monitor the exchanges that take place in the forum. They can modify and delete messages as well as perform other actions such as adding tags or hiding questions.