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FluksAqua Code of Conduct

FluksAqua is a community service for water and wastewater management professionals. It is a unique forum for exchanging specialized technical information and advice with professionals through an easy-to-use Q & A format. Members can also compare their performance indicators against those of their peers.

Code of Conduct Principles:

By registering with FluksAqua, you promise to maintain a responsible and respectful attitude at all times and in each of your contributions. Insults, slurs, abuse, and harassment as well as disparaging and/or defamatory remarks have no place in this forum. Any comments you make whose purpose is to attack the reputation of fellow contributors, insult them, or injure them purposely and maliciously, and your engaging repeatedly in such behaviour, will constitute a violation of the Code of Conduct.
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Submissions, questions, answers, and comments must avoid direct reference to the names of individuals, groups, or companies. You may mention a product or material as used by operators in the field, so long as any discussion of your experience and impressions remains factual.
Do not argue with or attack fellow members. Comments and discussions are designed to encourage conversation, not to create division. Like you, every member of the Q & A forum has a right to speak.
All contributors retain ownership of their messages and the intellectual property rights therein.
Contributors are wholly responsible for their answers and any advice given to other members, and in no way entail the liability of CLIG29 or any of its affiliated companies.
The Q&A forum exists for the sole purpose of exchanging technical information. Submissions that are political, commercial, or organizational in nature, or deal with the particular internal operations of your organization, are not allowed.
When the topic of your discussion focuses on a specific point of interest to only two parties and not the broader community, use the private messaging function to keep going with your conversation with other members and/or the Q & A facilitators.
So we can ensure a friendly and collaborative atmosphere of civilized and constructive dialogue, we reserve the right to remove any comment without notice and at our discretion, and to suspend or terminate the membership of anyone who violates these rules.
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